A Sudanese Bassist for Change

"Sudan has been isolated for many years and now that it's opening up, I think it's a great opportunity for a lot of people who have been under the radar to get recognized and be able to connect with people abroad."

Islam Elbeiti is a 23 year old bass player from Khartoum who is part of a young generation of Sudanese artists using music, art and creative expression to open Sudan to the rest of the world. She was an organizer of Karmakol festival, the first of its kind international arts and culture festival Dec 1-21 out in the desert in Sudan.

"I want to give credit to every single woman who's doing this in Sudan. Who is fighting for women's rights, especially in music. Who is striving to become a better musician and who is using music as a tool for social change."

For CNN. Shot and edited by Rachel Reed | Produced by Neha Wadekar